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"Vision therapy is GREAT. What a difference it can make in a child’s life and parents lives. Since therapy, Ben has improved his reading ability and his reading level has greatly improved. He actually enjoys reading now. It is easier for him to recognize words because he sees the words as they are written. He now enjoys reading for fun and no longer dreads it. He is now able to complete assignments in half the time. Teachers are amazed and this was thanks to Vision Therapy. One can only wonder how many other children really need eye/ Vision Therapy and who struggle as Ben did. This therapy can improve the quality of life, education, and confidence for children.."
~Written by Martina, mother of patient Ben—12 year old boy

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"The biggest change or improvement in my life since I began vision therapy is that I don’t get made fun of because I can’t read, and or I don’t fight my mom on doing my homework anymore."
~Written by patient Jonathan—12 year old boy

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"I noticed that my son struggled with reading and comprehension. After the VT program, he enjoys reading! We don’t spend 4-5 hours on homework each night. He still makes good grades, but he isn’t exhausted when he finishes school. He is happier, more confident, most importantly he doesn’t feel or say “I’m stupid” or “I can’t.” I tell everyone how Dr. Judson helped me figure out how to help my son. She is our Angel along with Christie, Mary Beth, and Danny."
~Written by Nora, mother of patient Jonathan—12 year old boy

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"I was referred to Vision Therapy because I have ADHD. Since starting the program my grade in math went up to an A, and I've noticed I am a lot more funny and smart. I would tell friends, you should not worry if you have ADHD because when you go to Vision Therapy you will have the best time."
~Written by patient Skye—10 year old girl

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"I was having problems in school and the PNP Center recommended that I go. I had no peripheral vision and was poor at sports. Now that I have been through Vision Therapy, I have noticed many improvements in my life including: My grades have improved and I can judge distance better. Now I can drive and see more of my surroundings."
~-Written by patient Lauren—18 year old girl

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"I had been struggling in school, and reading did not come easy to me. But now that I am doing VT I have noticed that I am enjoying reading a lot more. School is coming a lot easier and I am passing my AR (reading) test. Vision Therapy is hard for a while but it ends up being so easy."
~Written by patient Jonathan—15 year old boy

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"VT is a non-invasive, positive program that your child and family members will benefit from. You will see improvements and growth because the program addresses personality and learning disabilities. To provide help to our children in all areas of their lives at the youngest possible age is a must. Don’t continue searching for methods to improve your child’s behavior issues alone. The help is here. Thank you to Dr. Rutan, Dr. Judson, and her staff members. You definitely made a difference in our Teen’s life."
~Written by Marlene, grandmother of 16 year old girl patient

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"Vision therapy works- it really works! I would recommend it to anyone without hesitation. I thank God for bringing Dr. Judson along out path."
~Written by Heidi, Mother of patients Seth—6 year old boy & Morgan—9 year old girl

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"Since vision therapy is over, the improvements I’ve made were my eyes could focus together like normal. I am making excellent grades! I could finally see the chalkboard and writing! I would tell my friend or family member that they will help you succeed in what you need help in. They will not let you fail; they’ll go until you got what you need. I am thankful for vision therapy because they helped me through a lot!"
~Written by patient Corrina—13 year old girl

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"Dr. Judson, Rhonda, and vision therapy changed my personal life by relieving me of headaches and eye discomfort, They also changed my professional life by sharing knowledge with me that will help me teach my students better."
~Written by patient Debbie—39 year old

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"I cannot believe the transformation that I have witnessed in my daughter since beginning vision therapy. She has gone from being an extremely shy and confused child to an outgoing and intelligent young lady. She is so much more confident and has little problem understanding grade level concepts. My only regret with Kayln is that we would have found Dr. Van Hoy and Dr. Judson sooner and could have avoided ADD meds and delaying her progress. "
~Written by Laurie, mother of patient Kayln—8 year old girl


Welcome to Vision Learning Centers!

Vision is extremely important to learning and overall day to day functioning.  Several do not realize just how important the visual system is to these tasks.  At Vision Learning Centers, we take the time to get to know you, your eye care history, and your vision needs. Our optometrist provides the expert care, advice, options, and follow up you need whether you are a new patient or an existing one.

Complete Vision Therapy in Brownsburg & Clinton IN

80% of what we learn in the classroom is through the visual system.  Therefore, the visual system MUST be functioning properly for a person to be able to function to their full potential academically and in life.  Our visual systems were not made to stare up close all day, however, 75% of our time in the classroom is spent doing near point activites - a place where our visual systems were not made to function.  Because of this great demand on the visual system, 1 in 4 people [25% OF OUR POPULATION] have visual difficulties that can greatly hinder academic ability and potential to achieve fully in life.  The GREAT news is that most of these visual difficulties can be treated and remedied allowing a patient to function to their full potential!!

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